assorted sonic items for your perusal.

Rana Rumore 2008 a little entry for FrammentAzioni Rana Rumore
Paper Holes II 2008 genuine hardcore elektronicshe Muzik Paper Holes II
recycled from an algorithmic ARP 2500 piece originally done ca. 1977
When will someone code a balanced modulator?
resurrected, resuscitated, & transmogrified
mostly with mda Pitch Tracker,
plus a stealthy dose of Filterscape
gods 2006 your basic prerecorded electronic music gods (hi fi; 6.7m) text and voice by Anne Sexton
real-time processing in Logic
melting(Freud) 1998 a regular Coney Island, said S.Scott melting(Freud) (decent fi; 8.6m) extract 1 (lo fi; 724k) extract 2 (lo fi; 628k)
Mantis 1995 for soprano chanteuse & electronic sounds
text by Suzanne Greathouse © 1993
Mantis (not-bad fi; 7.6m) performed by Martha Elliot at SUNY-Buffalo, 2 Jun 1996
remixed because the original recording is painfully atrocious
4n×15 1991 canonic craziness. and cheaper than an anniversary gift. 4n×15 (good fi; 7.7m) excerpt 1 (lo fi; 636k) beispiel nr. 2 (lo fi; 484k)
Doodledoot 1989 Small Onions ’87.1 (a groovy sort of kink, or a kinky sort of groove) Doodledoot (good fi; 1.3m)
nothing 1989 Small Onions ’87.2 (sort of a Laurie Anderson groove thing) nothing (good fi; 564k)
Coalescence 1986 is it in the file, or is it in your ears?
did anyone dance?
Coalescence (nasty fi; 6.1m) for Cleve L. Scott, one of my venerable mentors this dislikes mp3 encoding.
Bad encoder!
Walnut Street 1993 synthpopfunkjazz:
we're not lost if we can find Walnut St.
Walnut Street (good fi; 6.5m) caution: dancing is ill-advised
1/f [metal] 1997 software testing run amok 1/f [metal] (good fi; 2.8m) gamelan-sounding thing from testing 1/f and random number generators for melting(Freud)
moreTripe 2005 evidence that GarageBand should not exist moreTripe (fefifofum; 2.2m) this might be ok under the credits for a bad 1970s blacksploitation film,
or maybe a climactic car chase in a cheap 80s porn film.
at least it doesn't last too long
T.G.I.F. 2007 otherwise, I might keep doing this sort of crap a while longer gunk (fly fi; 1.4m) it only lasts 60 seconds…
Auld Lame Syne 1999 for your year-end festivities Auld Lame Syne (re fri; 2.5m) performed nearly-live by the electric hooligans
Rad¡o Mus!c 1980 thank you, Marcon¡ Rad¡o Mus!c (the scoreplan) hearing is not listening
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