eye, right sundry graphic constructions
and photographs &c.
(that are not too embarassing)
((to me))
eye, left

[sunrise thumbnail] sunrise surprise [still life ii thumbnail] still life ii [dali thumbnail] Two or Three Looks
at Salvadore Dalí
[innocent thumbnail] i n n o c e n c e
e n d s
[stilllife_1 thumbnail] stilllife_1 [n83 thumbnail] nancy[1983]
[Haleakala thumbnail] Wonder nr.1 [sunset thumbnail] Sunset [Fractal? thumbnail] Fractal?
[harry thumbnail] Springtime
in New York
[dark portrait thumbnail] dark portrait [wind sculpture thumbnail] not still life
[thumbnail] After the storm [shortly thereafter thumbnail] shortly thereafter [9 minutes later thumbnail] 9 minutes after
after the storm

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