For any gearhead who might care to know, the tunes were created using some combination of this stuff.

MacPro (2007 8-core Xeon 3gHz; os10.5∼10.5.3) Mac G4 (Quicksilver 867mHz; os9.1∼10.4.x) Powerbook G4 (Al 17" 1gHz; os 10.3∼10.4.x) Mac G3 (beige 266mHz; os8.1∼10.1.5) Emagic EMI2|6 &
Korg 1212 I/O
Opcode 64X SoundHack
thonk & thOnk_0+2 Protools (free) Logic Audio Gold v3∼
Logic Pro v8.0.2
Amadeus Pro & AmadeusII macpod DSound and DSP-Quattro argeïphontes lyre Rax
SoundEffects SonicWorx Amiga 2000 (68030 40mHz; os1.1∼3.1) Bars&Pipes Professional
(with lots of custoM tools)
SoundFX Ryan Osman Triple Play Plus MIDI interface MacUAE + MaxUAE + e-UAE SAS/C
Yamaha DX7 Yamaha TX81Z Kurzweil K2000RS Korg Wavestation A/D Korg MS2000R Korg MS20 yamaha WX11 + WT11 Casio DH100
DigiTech StudioQuad v2 Alesis MidiVerbIII
thanks, Steve
Alesis HR16
thanks, Steve
Roland MPU101
thanks again, Steve
Alesis 3630 Alesis ADAT Tascam DA-30mkII Zoom H2
Mackie 24•8 Mackie CR1604 Crown 700 (¼-inch–½-track) TEAC 2340 (¼-inch–¼–track/4-ch) Beyer M500 ×2 JL Cooper DataSync2 Peavey PC1600 Zebra2
Filterscape dfx Transverb & Rez Synth Meringue KTGranulator GWS RanPan Soundhack Spectral Shapers Cyanide &c.……

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